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Innovative solutions to help everyday people lead happier, healthier lives. Support for individuals, families, employers, and other organizations.

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There’s no doubt life can be challenging at times. We all deserve to feel connected and have support, through good times and difficulties. We provide a wide variety of educational, experiential, and therapeutic groups to helps support you throughout your changing needs in life. Now you can also use your HSA/FSA to get reimbursed for our services! Click here to see if you qualify

Here’s how to get started:

1. Subscribe

Get unlimited access to live groups that are led by experienced facilitators for one low monthly price

2. Connect

Join groups and connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges or goals in life

3. Feel. Better.™

When we feel better, we do better in life

What does affordable, accessible support look like?

It’s connecting with others who are going through similar challenges in life as you and knowing you’re not alone. It’s finding guidance from experienced professionals who don’t have a vested interest in your decisions and instead only want to help. It’s building relationships with people around the country and around the world who get you, who are rooting for your success, and so much more. For employers, we help fill the gaps between the high cost of traditional benefits and the limitations of EAPs by providing ongoing support to help fill the gaps.

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It has been repeatedly demonstrated that when people feel better, we do better in all areas of life, both physically and mentally. This includes in our relationships, at work, at school, and elsewhere. That’s what we’re designed for – helping people to feel better through unlimited access to a wide variety of educational, experiential and therapeutic groups that are designed to provide help and support throughout life’s challenges.

Our low monthly fees provide ongoing access to our offerings without the hassle of insurance in a way that fits all kinds of schedules and budgets. Contact us today to find out more! (algunos servicios disponibles en español)

It is time to think that behavioral health care should be part of our overall wellbeing rather than only seeking help when we are having difficulty in life. Integrative practices have shown that when we pay attention to what is going on with us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we are able to more effectively lead happier and healthier lives. Too often people leave out the mental health aspect until something happens, whether it is moderately discomforting or catastrophic, and it simply doesn’t have to be that way. This is why we are proponents of the concept of prevention and maintenance support for everyday living.

Want to see how we fit into your schedule?

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Our Support Groups

We provide connection and support that can be accessed virtually or in-person (where available). Our members can attend as many of our educational, experiential, and therapeutic support groups as you want each month.

Health & Wellness

Join educational and experiential groups including Yoga, nutrition, exercise, meditation, & more!

Mental Health & Recovery

Get support for substance use, anxiety, depressive mood, disordered eating, & compulsive activity

Work & Personal Relationships

Support to help improve communication, relieve stress, & grow personally and professionally

Feel. Better.™

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Our Mission

We offer unique solutions by thinking beyond the norm to incorporate resources for a variety of behavioral health needs. Mental health matters, and paying attention to it is a first step. We are on a mission to help millions of people around the world lead happier, healthier lives.

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All of our services are available virtually for convenient access anywhere, from any web-enabled device. We are expanding nationally and internationally to bring more resources to people around the world. We aim to make innovative behavioral health support more accessible and affordable to bring help and support directly to everyday people.

Currently offering groups in English and Spanish.
Other languages coming soon!


As we continue on our mission, we are seeking partnerships across the country and around the world.
We work in a collaborative effort with other providers, employers, facilities, and organizations.


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Educational, experiential, and therapeutic support groups to lead a healthy and happy life.

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