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Innovia Behavioral Health Partners with Compris

As we continue on our path to providing affordable, accessible behavioral health support, we’re incredibly excited to announce a new partnership with Compris as a valuable resource for our members and other partnering organizations, facilities and employers.

Compris is a digital assessment that predicts addiction risk, prevents onset, and promotes lifelong recovery. In about 15-20 minutes, Compris’ one-of-a-kind, anonymous tool measures risk and resilience, and delivers an immediate assessment with next steps– the Compris Wellness Report. In English and Spanish, it’s ideal for those prone to, or struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

With Compris, you can:
· Predict your risk and wellness odds.
· Know your motivations.
· Build internal resilience.

Measuring Risk & Resilience

Measurement alone is relatively ineffective unless the information can be put to use. In other words, the data has to be actionable, to have a purpose.

This is exactly the point of our partnership with Compris, our members can get immediate results to show areas where they are most at risk and where they can use additional support. This direct feedback helps each of us to become more aware of positive and negative influences in our lives and also to help develop goals and objectives for improvement and growth. Progress can be measured through future assessments at recommended intervals.

Together, we deliver both a roadmap and ongoing support resources for greater resilience and lasting health.