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Kare AI Partners with Innovia Behavioral Health

Kare AI is on a mission to spearhead groundbreaking innovation across common healthcare use-cases via Generative AI by pioneering the development of efficient large action models designed to world’s diverse healthcare needs and enabling bespoke Gen AI applications for both enterprises and consumers.

The company is building the Generative AI-backbone of healthcare search, supported by multilingual LLMs that perform tasks beyond answering questions.

Kare AI’s consumer-facing product is Cosmo, which will be available to Innovia Behavioral Health members and facilitators to help provide healthcare-focused guidance for an enhanced experience.

This partnership will also include offering Innovia’s subclinical group support options for millions of Cosmo users in India and the U.S., to help fill more gaps in behavioral health services around the world.

Leadership teams from Kare AI and Innovia Behavioral Health are excited about this partnership to help enable people to have more robust healthcare knowledge and service options.