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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a subscription-based behavioral health prevention and maintenance organization. We work with individuals, businesses and other organizations to provide help for their employees and members as well as with traditional behavioral health treatment providers for people who cannot participate in their services or who need ongoing support during or after engagement.

We offer unlimited access to our growing number of educational, experiential, and therapeutic support groups that are applicable to your changing needs over time. We also have a digital resource library.

We offer support services for anything from substance use to anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and various forms of trauma. This also includes marriage, divorce, parenting, goal setting and achievement, stress management, grief/loss, and so much more. We also offer groups covering personal growth and development, wellness and life improvement. We are here to help you navigate the everyday challenges people face so that you can lead a happier, healthier life by connecting and growing with others of like mind or experiencing similar situations.

No, we are not a licensed treatment program, and therefore do not provide treatment or therapy services for people who require a higher level of care. Instead, we work with many different types of providers around the country and around the world for people who are needing treatment or therapy. We aim to reduce the barriers for people seeking help and support by making our services more accessible and affordable.

No, we do not accept insurance, as that would actually make it more difficult and also more expensive for a majority of people to receive the help we provide. Insurance policies that have behavioral health benefits often require the deductible to be met before they will cover behavioral health services. The average deductible for health insurance now for the United States is approximately $2,500 per individual, and then there are usually co-pays after that for each service. Most people don’t realize that their insurance companies also require a diagnosis and often review session notes in order to approve coverage for some services. We help you skip the barriers to receiving help for everyday living and allow you to jump right in and start getting support feeling better the same day you join. We also realize that insurance is a life-saving benefit when people do need formalized treatment, for which it is better suited.

Unlimited access to our groups starts at only $99 per month!

Our full membership fee is just $199 per month, which includes the same unlimited access to our groups, one individual session each month with an available practitioner, and weekly check-ins with our support personnel.

Everything is currently available virtually to be accessible around the world. We will also be offering both in-person groups and individual sessions through many of our practitioners at our offices when the physical spaces are opened. We want to make our services as accessible and affordable as possible.

We employ a variety of practitioners that provide our services, ranging from those with Doctoral degrees to Masters-level licensed therapists, and from certified counselors and coaches to peer support specialists. All of our practitioners are experts in their fields and topics they cover.

Yes, extra individual sessions with our practitioners can be added for $75 each, for each subscription level.

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