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“I’m recommending Innovia to all of my patients. The mere ability to connect with persons with similar concerns that may offer a multiple of solutions is an incredible opportunity. Then to know that you can meet with seasoned professionals such as therapists and coaches makes this opportunity invaluable.”

– A.N.

“I genuinely think this platform is a wonderful thing for everyone and anyone to be a part of because everyone can find something that will benefit them. People looking for a community to help get them through issues or just for someone to listen to them don’t need to go any further.”

– C.R.

“I see firsthand how an employee’s performance suffers when dealing with stress. Whether it be personal, or work related, everyone has stressors that directly impact their work performance. Innovia has many virtual groups [that are] led by extremely qualified counselors that help our employees perform at their best and in turn help our company perform at its best.”

– T.S.

“I’m so happy I found [this group]. I could not have found it at a better time in my life. With trying to juggle my professional career, personal life, and everything in between, I was looking for a space to be heard and discover techniques to cope better with life.”

– M.T.

“At first I was honestly a bit nervous about joining a support group, but [the facilitator] was awesome and made it very comfortable. I’ve already started exploring other groups and love that I can choose ones that I need as often as I want to attend.”

– S.C.