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Benefits of Our Subscription-Based Program

We are a new kind of company. New things can sometimes take a moment to understand or catch on, kinda like the internet in the ’90s. Here are some of the benefits of our subscription-based behavioral health prevention and maintenance program and reasons why you belong here.

1. Connection – We all need connection and to feel like we belong. With over 200 groups per month to choose from (and counting), we want to make sure you find a place where you belong and where you can learn and grow. Choose as many of these as you want to participate in each month, and give us feedback so we can adapt and help provide better services. You also receive weekly check-ins from our support personnel and get access to our growing resource library.

2. Accessibility – Yes, all of our services are available virtually, which make them easier to access anywhere you are. We are also opening physical locations to make many services available in person, as that is another form of accessibility (and connection) we seek to accommodate.

3. Affordability – Our low subscription fee of just $99 per month for unlimited groups is considerably less than most people’s deductible on an annual basis, let alone their co-pays up until their out of pocket maximums. This is an investment in yourself, which is the best investment you can make. When you feel better, you do better in life, and reducing stress has many positive physical health benefits as well.

4. Anonymity – When you use your insurance company to pay for group or individual sessions, they require a diagnosis and documentation and know how many times you go, where it is, etc. While there is most certainly a need for that for those who require diagnosis and treatment, most people shouldn’t have to jump through so many hoops and be tracked with documentation to get some help and support. Employers should be offering some form of help these days, but many of those who do require you to go through their employee assistance program (EAP) representative, which can sometimes feel like an invasion of privacy as well and is a deterrent for many employees who would otherwise seek some support for an issue they’re facing. In fact, less than 5% of employees disclose to their EAP rep when they have something they need help with. Through Innovia Behavioral Health, you can attend any groups that are appropriate for you with as often as you want.

5. Flexibility – You can choose to participate in services with facilitators that fit what you’re dealing with in life from month to month, and even week to week. Rather than only having one practitioner or set of topics, you can jump from one to another based the ebbs and flows of your life. Plus, as we grow, your options grow as well, including more times, topics and even languages.

Have questions? Contact us for more information. We’d love to connect with you!