Our Team

Meet our team of practitioners, administrators and advisors! We’re rapidly growing and have many new additions on the way, so stay tuned!

Lucas Catton
Founder & CEO
Lucas Catton has worked in the behavioral health field for more than two decades with facilities and group practices around the country. He has helped establish and grow multiple programs and as served as a consultant and strategic advisor for many others. His vision to create affordable, accessible help to assist everyday people lead happier, healthier lives continues to shape the future of Innovia Behavioral Health.
Christa Hines
Office Administrator
Christa Hines is the office coordinator with Innovia Behavioral Health. She is a North Carolina native graduating with a B.S in interpersonal communications and a B.F.A in dance performance from East Carolina University. What drives Christa is making a difference in others’ lives through community outreach and customer service. She values good humor, integrity, respect and believes people will always remember how you make them feel; so, she strives to leave a positive impact on everyone she meets. Christa comes with several years of experience in front desk, customer service and administrative support, filling her most recent role as founding site manager for Kika Stretch Atlanta. Christa loves to travel, is a huge foodie and loves spending time with family. She is excited and ready to continue serving others in her community!
Dr. Zoë Pogrellis
Dr. Zoë Pogrelis is a chiropractor who practices in Woodstock, GA. Her practice is focused on meeting people where they are at in their healthcare journey and providing them with specialized care plans designed for them as individuals. She graduated from Life University in Marietta, GA where she focused her chiropractic curriculum on care for those with special needs, those in recovery, those trying to conceive or pregnant, pediatric care as well as sports injuries. Dr. Zoë believes that we all have an innate potential to be great, and we just need a little coaching to help reach that greatness, regardless of our perceived challenges. Before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Zoë was a professional musician and still enjoys music of all types. When she isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her partner, Antoine, and their two dogs, Biscuit and Percy. You can often find them at concerts, NCAAF and NFL games and comedy shows as well as the local Farmer's Market.
Brian Limbocker, J.D., LL.M.
Brian Limbocker, founder of Limbocker Law Firm, started practicing law in 2001. He graduated from Mississippi College of Law in 2000. In 2001, he obtained a Masters in Taxation law from the University of Denver. His main area of practice is bankruptcy and personal injury law. Mr. Limbocker has over twenty years of legal experience. Brian Limbocker began his legal career in Valdosta, Georgia, where he provided legal representation to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee and practiced bankruptcy and personal injury law. He moved to Atlanta in 2004 where he held the position as the Managing Attorney in the Atlanta office for one of the largest consumer bankruptcy firms in the United States. From there, he started Limbocker Law Firm in May of 2008 in which he still only represents personal injury and consumer and business bankruptcy clients.
Orlando Andrews
Director of Business Development & Outreach
Orlando Andrews has worked in the behavioral health industry since 2014. He believes that emotional resilience is the most important part of maintaining overall mental health. Orlando acknowledges that there are many pathways to healing and tries to deliver this message through public speaking and through interviews on his television show "Recovery Matters." He believes his mission in life is to help other people heal by sharing his knowledge, facilitating connections, and helping people navigate the sometimes overwhelming options in behavioral health landscapes to find solutions that will work for them.
Therapist and Group Facilitator
Debi Anson is a “seasoned therapist” in the field of addiction, trauma, and co-occurring disorders committed to supporting clients on their journey of self-exploration and wellness. As a Therapist and Certified Telemental Health Specialist she leverages technology to provide creative, engaging sessions. A life-long learner, she has studied many modalities such as CBT, DBT, ACT, IFS to incorporate into sessions to assist clients in meeting goals. Healing and growth happens within relationships. She creates a space focused on trust, honesty, and compassion balanced with humor and a straightforward approach. Debi leads multiple education and support groups each month and is also licensed to work with individuals in Florida, Colorado, Wyoming, Ohio, Michigan and Georgia.
Roberto Ferreira
Counselor and Group Facilitator
Roberto has a B.A. in Psychological Counseling from the University of South Africa and is passionate about developing people, regardless of their circumstances, mental health issues or struggles. His goal is to develop and uplift people from where they are currently at in their lives, whether that is at home, work environment or any other part of their life. Roberto considers it his life's work to provide opportunities for people that will enrich their lives and that will help them feel more valuable as human beings while becoming more of a contributing member of society as a whole. Roberto hosts multiple groups each month and is available for individual sessions as well.
Jill Polisner, MA, Ed.S., LPC
Therapist & Coach
Jill is a solution-focused therapist and ICF certified coach with a goal to help you to lead a happier more fulfilled life and ease the burden that life transitions can sometimes bring. If your are experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety, or depression, she can also provide you with new ways to cope with these emotions. She uses a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), positive psychology, mindfulness practices and coaching techniques to help people identify healthier habits and navigate life with more ease. As a trained counselor and coach who has also spent many years navigating the business world working for major United States corporations, she can bring to you a unique skill set to help solve problems. Jill hosts groups that include utilization of devices like the Alpha-Stim, which is FDA cleared for treating anxiety, depression and insomnia. She is also available for individual sessions.
Brian Shaffer, LPC
Therapist & Group Facilitator
Brian is a Licensed Professional Counselor with education, training and clinical experience in the fields of Mental Health, Addiction, Trauma, Grief, Loss and Bereavement and Spiritual Care. He provides counseling, assessment and intervention services that help clients meet their goals for a life in recovery. Brian has a passion for providing quality care, support and services to his clients through a person-centered approach that incorporates interventions from various theories and methodologies. He believes in helping clients process through past traumatic experiences that have contributed to current struggles with substance abuse and mental health symptoms. Brian also incorporates client’s spiritual beliefs into the treatment protocol in order to holistically address their needs. His extensive experience and passion for this field has helped guide individuals through the process of recovery in order to experience freedom from their past and a hope for their future. Brian leads several groups for Innovia Behavioral Health and is also available for individual sessions.
Ed Rubenstein, Ph.D.
Group Facilitator
Dr. Ed Rubenstein is the Director of Education and Professional Training Programs for Heart Based Institute. He received his Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Florida State University and holds a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling from Florida State University, a Masters in Psychology from Radford University and a Masters in Spiritual Studies from Goddard College. Ed is a licensed psychologist who has been in the forefront of the human potential field for over 30 years. Over the course of his career, he has worked with a multiplicity of client populations and has conducted workshops and trainings for federal, city, and county agencies as well as University, hospital, non-profit, corporate, and community settings. Ed’s focus within psychology is on a heart based approach and its impact on the psychological and relational well-being of his clients. His transformative approach to psychology demonstrates a natural way for developing resiliency, emotional management, and building positive relationships. Facilitating professional training throughout the world, Ed shares his insights and in-depth knowledge about living a heart-centered life, supported by tools and approaches that contribute to a deeper experience of personal fulfillment. He has successfully presented workshops at the National Institute of Health (NIH), Pan American World Health Organization (PAHO), and other agencies.
MJ Godfrey
Coach & Group Facilitator
MJ Godfrey is as a national award-winning investigative journalist, columnist, and author — Society of Professional Journalists, National Newspaper Association, Associated Press — who has served as a producer, executive editor, digital editor, and consultant to various significant news sources and magazines. She is also a media content producer and writer who has been working in entertainment publicity, the music industry, magazines, television, film and is a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist training under the creator, Marisa Peer. Godfrey is an embedded member of the aviation and EMS communities and served as the Washington DC liaison to the National EMS Memorial Service for six years. Her hobbies are researching aerospace, neuroscience, physics, metaverse, crypto, and ultramodern technologies. She is a group facilitator with Innovia Behavioral Health and is available for individual sessions.
Mayer Harris
Coach & Group Facilitator
Mayer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance from the University of Mobile. After being educated in the field of the arts and achieving a modicum of success as a music artist, singer, arranger, and composer, Mayer found his personal niche in philosophy and spiritual insight. Thousands have benefited from his wisdom and guidance through decades as a teacher, pastor, philosopher, life coach, and/or spiritual guide. His sincere compassion for people, married with his deep understanding of ancient textual teachings, and his progressive life philosophy afford him a unique style of communicating. Mayer has composed an effective curriculum of study compiled from decades of personal experiences. His experiences include guiding volunteers at a downtown mission assisting impoverished families, at-risk youth, homeless and addicted persons, etc. to developing and guiding a recovery support program to successfully illuminating groups within a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Mayer hosts several groups per month with Innovia Behavioral Health and is available for individual sessions.
Bernhard Schieber
Counselor & Group Facilitator
Bernhard Schieber is a Certified Counselor, Coach and Mentor in Logotherapy, Existential Analysis and other fields of Business, Life & Mental Health, Addiction, Burnout, Cognitive, Emotional, Behavioral and Spiritual Care (English, German and Spanish). He knows what it feels like to not find meaning in life, as well as the difficult challenge of overcoming more than one addiction or recovering from severe burnout. He is aware that he can be of most use to people in these types of challenges, which he has worked on in depth over the last 30 years, both in studies and trainings/certifications. During the last years, he has dedicated himself completely to the study of the human being and human nature and works toward accompanying you in the achievement of goals, the resolution of conflicts, the resignification of problems and the implementation of changes and improvements. He has worked in many corporate environments training employees, and also served 6 years in the USMC as a Recon Marine. He supports and accompanies businesspeople, managers, entrepreneurs and their families through their own fundamental resources, thoughts, feelings, words, decisions, and actions, to reconquer their lives, through counseling, coaching and mentoring programs of high impact and high performance as an alternative and/or complement to residential programs or admissions in clinically focused centers. Bernhard hosts several groups per month with Innovia Behavioral Health and is available for individual sessions in English, German and Spanish.
Shirley Juste, LMSW
Therapist & Group Facilitator
Shirley Juste, LMSW is a Program Director with an organization in Brooklyn, NY that works with older adults and adults with disabilities and is also a therapist in private practice. One of her passions is working with and empowering women. She received her MSW in Nonprofit Management from Long Island University, her MA in Counseling Psychology from National University, and her BA in Psychology from SUNY Stony Brook. She is a multi-dynamic leader, counselor and change-maker who is committed to service. She has extensive experience in counseling, group facilitation and program development in both the public and private sectors. She currently hosts multiple groups per month with Innovia Behavioral Health and is also available for individual sessions.
Emma de Crespagny
Coach & Group Facilitator
Emma de Crespigny currently works as a Recovery Coach at Monte Nido clinic for Eating Disorders in Oregon. She has certified as a Systemic Wellness Practitioner, Recovery coach, Business Coach, Facilitator and as a Peer Recovery Specialist through U-Act, South Africa. She holds a BA in Philosophy from Case Western Reserve University and did her Masters at Parsons, NYC. Emma has her own coaching practice and works with individuals, families, and organizations around Wellness and Recovery which can include Addiction, Grief, Divorce and Life changes. She has recently done a series of courses on Trauma so she can bring a trauma-informed knowledge to her work. Additionally Emma has also started training in Somatic coaching.
Adriaan van Buuren
Coach & Group Facilitator
Adriaan is an internationally certified Master Coach, based in Vancouver, that coaches in the medical and business fields. He specializes in supporting the caregivers of the world, training medical professionals, and group facilitators to master the art of coaching and to use the coaching modality to better serve their clients and patients. He believes in the empowerment of individuals, and that everyone can create the life that they want and deserve, if someone can stand in the fire with them, ask them the difficult questions, and hold them accountable to their dreams. His mission is to connect the world by sitting with others in their grief and pain, allowing them to channel crisis into pragmatic, but profoundly meaningful action. Coaching a wide variety of clients all over the world and his background in corporate - which included stints throughout Africa – gives him specialized knowledge of cultural diversity within the coaching context and enables him to connect quickly with students and clients through all walks of life. Happily married with three active and amazing children, he remains deeply committed to family values and ideals.
Staci Weaver, RN
Coach & Yoga Facilitator
Staci Weaver is a Registered Nurse and Yoga instructor from Portsmouth, Ohio. She will be sharing tools and techniques that have been game changing for her personal mental health journey. She will be teaching meditative gentle yoga sessions that focus on releasing tension stored in the body and promote a feeling of ease and empowerment. She will also be available for group and individual sessions on various wellness topics, such as nervous system regulation, stress management, and recognizing and changing destructive thought patterns. Staci is also the founder of Nightingale Wellness and conducts virtual Yoga groups with Innovia Behavioral Health and is available for individual health coaching sessions.
Tracy Haeberlin
Coach & Group Facilitator
Tracy Heaberlin is an international journalist who has covered world events for the past 30 years. She has covered everything from wars to riots, and hurricanes to politics. She has also been in recovery from substance use disorder for over 12 years. While working in the high pressure world of 24 hour news, she also dealt with anxiety. Through her journey, she has learned how to live a full and rewarding life, including mentoring and coaching others. Once she made the decision to seek recovery, there were many people who helped her along the way and she decided to help others navigate their path to a happy and healthy life. Her goal is to use her experience and knowledge to show others that there is hope. A better life is attainable. Tracy hosts several meetings per month, and is available for individual sessions.
Monica Jones
Counselor & Group Facilitator
Monica Jones holds a M.A. in Counseling and B.A. in Criminal Justice, both from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Counseling children and adolescents as well as working on ways to build open communication with their parents and or guardians has become her niche. The desire for overall wellbeing has led her to be a fitness coach for ten plus years as she incorporates the importance of taking care of self in order to give your best to everyone else. Monica loves sharing her passions while helping others where ever they may be in life in a judgement-free environment. Her goal is to assist people in living an abundant life through the balance of work, family, health, wellness, and spirituality. She hosts several groups per month with Innovia and is also available for individual sessions.
Jean Rodrigues
Coach & Group Facilitator
Jean Rodrigues has a Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching and Leadership from the South African College of Applied Psychology, and is credentialed with the International Coaching Federation. She has completed the Emotion Coaching Parenting Program at the Gottman Institute and holds a business degree in Marketing and Psychology from the University of Witwatersrand. She is also a certified Satyananda yoga teacher, has trained in Systemic Constellations and the Integrative Enneagram, and is a Brain Profile Practitioner through Neuro-Link. Jean seeks to inspire individuals to reconnect to their entire being, heighten their awareness, achieve fulfilment and create a purposeful balance in life and work. She believes sustainable change happens when we can create a connection within ourselves not only on a mental level but also on a physical and emotional level as well. This is about learning how to manage our lives effectively through a variety of different access points and in turn learn to support ourselves. She seeks to provide you with tools and techniques so that you can own your power and reconnect with the essence of who you are.