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Innovia Behavioral Health is proud to be the first organization of its kind to offer unlimited access to live groups that offer the kind of guidance and support to help everyday people lead happier, healthier lives.

We have subscription options in English and for our Spanish-speaking members:

Get unlimited access to all of our groups that are applicable to you for just $99 per month. This enables you to jump in on a group to help in a time of need, to learn, to connect with others and for personal growth and development.

Use this for our membership platforms in English for adults or adolescents.

For a limited time, you can now get a FREE parent/guardian account for each individual adolescent membership!

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 We also have an entire section dedicated to groups in Spanish! Membership to Innovia en Español is only $49 per month, and adolescent groups in Spanish will also be available in the near future!

Innovia en Español

Free membership! Now you can have access to select groups through our free membership levels for adults and adolescents. Simply click below, fill out the form, and follow the instructions to join!

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